Carbon + Fiberglass Hybrid Fabric

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Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading high-end quality Mixed Fiber Fabric supplier in Taiwan. Mixed Fiber Hybrid Fabric combine the advantages of different fibers into one fabric, such as the strength in carbon fiber and the flexibility of fiberglass. Carbon + Fiberglass Hybrid Fabric is not only cost effective but also providing functional features.
  • Carbon + Fiberglass Hybrid Fabric - 6-1

Carbon + Fiberglass Hybrid Fabric
Model: 6-1
Pacific offers Hybrid Fabrics to utilize the advantage of different fibers.  Carbon fiber is preferred by its strength, and glassfiber is preferred by its cost and color options.   Therefore, there are more and more product designers are looking for mixed fiber fabrics.  For sports shoes outsole, mixed fiber fabrics have been used for years in order to protect athletes arch, ankle from strong impacts.  They are used for:
1. Appearance Design
2. Sectional/ Full Protection:
3. Heel protection
4. Arch protection
5. Toe protection
6. Ball of foot protection
7. Weight Reduction, High Rigidity, Support, Protection

The carbon fiber content gives enough strength to protect human feet from strong impact from high jumps; the fiberglass content gives good flexibility during feet bending. Therefore, mixed fiber fabric has not only cost advantage, but also functional advantages.

With excellent tension control, Pacific is able to deliver high flatness Hybrid Fabrics.  In addition, with our color technology, Pacific is able to color on fiberglass and thus gives more cosmetic design options.  For instance, for “Carbon + Fiberglass” Hybrid Fabric, we are able to deliver “Black (CF)+ White (GF)”, “Black (CF) + Red (GF)”, “Black (CF) + Orange(GF)” … etc.   

Fabric styles for Hybrid Fabrics include: Plain Style, Twill Style, Plain + Twill Style, and other special weaves.

Our Carbon + Fiberglass Hybrid Fabric include:

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Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. manufactures composite fabric in various material. Customization of Mixed Fiber Fabric in diverse color and pattern is available. Producing composite material with high yield rate and affordable price is our business goal. Please contact us if you are interested in any style of our

Carbon + Fiberglass Hybrid Fabric