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Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Fancy Yarn. With enormous trade knowledge and experience, Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. has grown in leaps and bounds. We insist "Good quality & timely delivery", we are currently able to expand our wings to all parts around the World. Enquiries from global wholesalers, buyers and agents are welcome.
  • Nep Yarn (Knop Yarn) - 2-1. L-025
    Nep Yarn (Knop Yarn)
    1.Nep Yarn (Knop Yarn) L-025 is also named ”Angel’s tear ”
    The nep is big, full and colorful, so it shows high fashion on the fabric
    2.Nep Yarn (Knop Yarn) is not suitable warp.
    3.High temperature steam setting process is needed.
    4.You can change any material & color to match your own style if you want.
    5.Yarn specification: 150D~2000D(can replace the raw materials)
    6.End-product :Knitting、Window’s  Curtains

  • Boucle Yarn/Loop Yarn - 2-2. M-013
    Boucle Yarn/Loop Yarn
    1.Boucle Yarn/Loop Yarn M-013 is folded and twisted by filament and spun color yarn, so you can see the helical and mélange effect obviously, it has rough, wild appearance but soft hand feeling just like ”Beauty and the Beast”. It is suitable for circular knitting fabric for lady dressing. 
    2.Due to yarn count is thicker & low tpm, so It is not suitable for making warp
    3.This yarn can be weaved as weft directly or after steam setting process for circular knitting.
    4.You can change any material & color to match your own style if you want.
    5.Yarn specification:500D~5000D
    6.End use: Knitting、Sofa fabric、Curtain

  • Slub+Boucle Yarn - 2-3. ZM-006
    Slub+Boucle Yarn
    1.Our fancy yarn is changeable,  we make the slub(caterpillar)+boucle effect mixed together in one yarn, so the effect is unlimited.
    2.It is suitable to use it on weaving or knitting.
    3.High temperature steam setting process is needed.
    4.You can change any color and thickness of yarn to match customer’s requirement.
    5.Yarn specification:300D~2000D
    6.End-product : Home textile、Curtain、Knitting

  • SRT Yarn - 2-4. D330SRT
    SRT Yarn
    1. It is 100% polyester filament yarn with stretch, cotton/linen hand feeling and 2-tones effect.
    2. Due to high shrinkage/elongation character of SRT Yarn, please consider the design of fabric width. 
    3. Please control the tension well in warping process, over pulling(tension) will affect the elongation then the color contrast of yarn(fabric) will be not obvious.
    4. It is better to use compound formula dyeing stuff to dye it and the color/shade will be more obvious and darker. The dyeing temperature is better not to exceed 120 degrees C. and raise the dyeing temperature faster than regular process, it can make color contrast stronger.
    5. Please select dark color shade, the color contrast of fabric will be more obvious. Light color shade is not suitable for this SRT yarn.
    6. In order to get better color evenness, please weave it in double weft loom.
    7. Yarn specification :75D~450D
    8. End-product:Clothing, Home textiles, Curtain

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