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Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. imports quality fine wines from France and South Africa into Taiwan. Allowing wine lovers to taste fine wines from not only the Old World but also the New World. Our objective is to discover the world of fine wine for the Pacific Wine lovers in Taiwan.
  • Lynx - Wine - 8-1
    Lynx - Wine
    Pacific Industrial Co, Ltd. imports quality fine wines from South Africa to bring wine lovers a new experience with the New World Wine. Lynx is a famous winery located in Franschhoek, South Africa. As one of the oldest towns in Republic of South Africa, Franschhoek is one of the most famous towns for fine cuisines in the world, and also the most famous wine land in South Africa. More than three hundred years ago, French immigrants brought French vines to grow grapes in this new world. Today, thanks to the climate in Franschhoek, and the promise to follow the wine making traditions from both Bordeaux and Burgundy, Lynx wine offers fine wines with excellent structure and full-bodied flavors.

  • Flagstone - Wine - 8-2
    Flagstone - Wine
    Pacific Industrial Co, Ltd. imports “Handcrafted Wine” from South Africa. Flagstone declares their wine as handcrafted because they say “Every bottle of Flagstone wine is a journey with many twists and turns.  It can never be hurried and there are no short cuts.” They insist to do the right things for grapes even it takes a hard path. Every bottle of Flagstone wine is handcrafted, even the label. Every bottle of wine has its own unique story on the back of the bottle. Wine is the marriage of nature and human imagination. Mother nature provides the grapes but human imagination transforms it into fabulous wines. Flagstone offers quality fine wine with great stories from South Africa, allowing wine lovers to taste the wine and enjoying the story concurrently.

  • Château Du Moulin-À-Vent - Wine - 8-3
    Château Du Moulin-À-Vent - Wine
    Château Du Moulin-À-Vent is a winery with 500 years of history located in between Burgundy-Beaujolais and Burgundy-Mâconnais, the best appellation of Gamay around the world. Back to the 17th centuries, Château Du Moulin-À-Vent’s wine was declared to fit for the Court of France by King Louis XIV. In 1936, Château Du Moulin-À-Vent was one of the appellations to be announced as first AOC appellation in Burgundy. The average age of vines in Château Du Moulin-À-Vent is 60 years old. The historical windmill located in Château Du Moulin-À-Vent since 15th centuries and the wind still blows on the hills of the appellation, giving a good sanitary status to the vineyard. The soils of the appellation are composed from granitic layers, enriching a diversity of mineral and terroir for wine. Jean -Jacques Parinet and his son Edouard take over the winery since 2009. They keep the cellar dated back from 15th centuries and also replant, trellis vines allowing the leaves to have the maximum exposure to the sun. They introduce the new fermentation and aging system. Brice Laffond, the winemaker, prepares annual soil preparation allowing the roots of the vine to grow deeper according to biodynamic and organic viticulture. They use customized baskets to harvest the grapes to prevent grapes getting crushed and pre-oxidation. The dedication of human and natural accomplish Château Du Moulin-À-Vent’s wine to be enjoyable. 

  • Besserat De Bellefon - Champagne - 8-4
    Besserat De Bellefon - Champagne
    Champagne has got its gleeful and extravagant nature from the famously luxurious Palace of Versailles but its history actually began from a monastery during the 17th century. Besserat de Bellefon was founded in 1843 and has grown into a winery that produces over 70 thousand bottles of champagne a year. In 1930, Victor Besserat being the third generation of the Champagne family worked alongside with the upscale restaurants in Paris and developed the “Cuvée Des Moines” method which would produce a champagne that pairs perfectly with any meal. Champagne produced by the “Cuvée Des Moines” carries a silkier texture and has minuscule bubbles, these features makes the champagne 30% more meticulous than the ones brewed by traditional methods. This made the Besserat champagne one of the best pairing champagne in many high-end French or Japanese restaurants. The Besserat Brand developed the world’s first bottle of “Cuvée Des Moines Rosé” which not only being the first Rose Champagne of the brand but also established the status of Rose Champagne in Champagne history. Although having their own vineyard, the Besserat Brand also use harvests from Épernay’s Cru and Grand Cru vineyards such as Avize, Bouzy, Chouilly, Cramant. Besserat de Bellefon Champagne has choices of the standard bottle (750ml) and half-bottle (375ml).

  • Lancelot-Pienne - Champagne - 8-5
    Lancelot-Pienne - Champagne
    The Lancelot Pienne winery is one of the most reputable Grand Cru located at Cramant - Épernay. Jean-Batiste Lancelot, originally a brew master at the House of Mumm, finally got his first acre of land in Cramant at early 20th century and started the 120 years old Lancelot Pienne winery we know today. After the Second World War, Champagne becomes a synonym for sparkling joyous. Jean, Jean-Baptiste’s son, follows his father’s path into the Champagne brewing family and starts building the Lancelot brand. In 1967, Albert Lancelot, the third generation of the Lancelot family, along with his wife Brigette Pienne who also comes from a champagne family decides to merge the two family’s Champagne winery and consolidated both family’s brewing technique to form today’s Lancelot Pienne Winery. Current owner of the winery Gilles Lancelot as the fourth-generation still carries on the Récoltant manipulant tradition; where Gilles would participate in every step of the process from tending the vineyards, planting and growing of grapes to brewing and bottling. His full-hearted dedication to the winery has accomplished their Champagne brand as a synonym of luxury. The Lancelot Pienne Champagne has reached an average rating of over 90. Its 2010 champagne has gotten a 93-rating advocated by Robert Parker.

Our objective is to discover the world of fine wine for the wine lovers in Taiwan. We import quality fine wine around the world with an affordable pricing for wine lovers. If you are interested in quality fine wine from

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