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Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. is a major supplier, developer and producer of high quality Slub Yarn. We aim to produce our products with high standard of quality, style, technology, and innovation. We only use the best materials, experienced engineers, and production facilities. And, we guarantee to provide you these products to overseas markets with high quality and competitive price. Our good quality and professional service are appreciated by customers from many countries, if you are interested please free to contact us.
  • 375D Slub Yarn - 1-1. Slub (caterpillar) Yarn 375D
    375D Slub Yarn
    1.Slub(caterpillar) Yarn 375D is 100% polyester yarn. The slub(caterpillar) part is “fish shape”, it shows “meteor shower”effect on the fabric, visible and sharp. 
    2.Because of high twisting, so it is non-sizing yarn for warp. We design it as irregular slub(caterpillar), so it is suitable for warp and weft.
    3.Due to higher tpm, please weave it after high temperature steam setting.
    4.This yarn is folded and twisted by multi-ply yarn, we can use any filament or spun yarn as material to make it, so soft hand feeling or mélange effect will be workable.
    5.Yarn specification:150D~2000D
    6.End product : Home Textile、Curtain

  • 300D/84F Slub Yarn - 1-2. 300D/84F
    300D/84F Slub Yarn
    1.300D is 100% polyester yarn, it shows natural linen glossy effect.
    2.It is suitable for warp & weft, the fabric with linen nep, good straight, stereoscopic and glossy effect.
    3.Yarn specification: 90~750D
    4.End product : Home Textile、Curtain

  • 370D/96F Slub Yarn - 1-3. QX37003 370D
    370D/96F Slub Yarn
    1.370D is 100% polyester yarn, it shows natural linen effect, hand feeling like linen yarn with better dry, straight and stereoscopic effect.
    2.It is suitable for warp & weft.
    3.We can use any filament as material to make it, so soft hand feeling or mélange effect will be workable.
    4.Yarn specification: 250~1500D
    5.End product : Home Textile、Curtain、Clothing

  • 420D/84F Slub Yarn - 1-4. 420D/84F
    420D/84F Slub Yarn
    1.420D is 100% polyester filament yarn.
    It has strong visual effect and with nice straight, drooping style.
    2.It is suitable for weft , or warp after sizing.
    3.After dyeing , fabric will become 2-tones effect.
    4.Yarn specification: 200~750D
    5.End product : Home Textile、Curtain

  • 540D Folded And Twisted Yarn - 1-5. D540SSSZ
    540D Folded And Twisted Yarn
    1.540D yarn is 100% polyester filament yarn.
    After dyeing, it will look like 2-tones with natural linen effect but the straightness is better than linen, it shows stereoscopic effect also have nep on the fabric. 
    2.Please control the tension well while weaving this yarn. Excessive weaving tension will break the yarn structure and the loop will be happened on the fabric.
    3.In order to keep stereoscopic effect, please do not over pulling the fabric when in the heat setting process with width. 
    4.This yarn is made by filament yarn so there is no foreign fiber problem like linen fiber which may fly to anywhere so this yarn can keep the production environment cleanly.
    5. Yarn specification:250~1000D
    6. Application:Weaving, Knitting.
    7. End-product: Home textiles, Clothing.

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