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Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. is a famous high-end quality Carbon Fiber Fabric supplier in Taiwan. We produce Special Weave Carbon Fabric with unique pattern style other than plain and twill style. Special Weave Carbon Fabric can be applied in any products creating a unique and luxury trend. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.
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Special Weave Carbon Fabric
Model: 4-4
Pacific offers Special Weave Carbon Fabrics, it includes Jacquard styles, “Plain-Twill-in-One” Special Weave, and others.  Carbon fiber is usually considered to be a high-end expensive material for industrial applications.  Thus is it usually used in structural parts and we normally see three common styles: plain style, twill style, and UD woven style.  Yet, the natural carbon shine is inevitably attractive.  As the cost of carbon fiber has become more affordable than in the past, we developed Special Weave Carbon Fabrics, and we are ready to provide this type of carbon fabrics for: 
 Interior Design:  
 Wall Decoration and Radio Frequency Screen: to utilize its lightweight feature and radio-frequency-free feature, Special Weave Carbon Fabric can be used as health-add home decoration.  The Jacquard style carbon fabric can be designed as an art piece, and placed at wherever radio frequency wanted to be blocked.  
 Elevator Interior Decoration and Weight Reduction: if we use carbon fabrics for elevator structure, the elevator cabin weight is reduced and thus the same lifting power will be able to provide larger loading weight per elevator cabin. If we use Special Weave Carbon Fabric, it can remain the lightweight feature and deliver beautiful interior design for elevators.   

 Furniture: lightweight furniture is always wanted. Special Weave Carbon Fabric not only provides the feather of lightweight, but also the fashion design look.

 Fashion Sports/Automotive Products: Special Weave Carbon Fabric is the perfect product for fashion product.  It adds the luxury image on fashion sports/automotive gears and remain as a strong industrial material.

 Fashion Apparels: Special Weave Carbon Fabrics bring different design concept to fashion apparels.   For heavy-duty apparels, such as mountain backpacks, we can carry personal belongings using the backpack made of the strong, light and fashionable Special Weave Carbon fabrics.   Mountain climbing/hiking can be easier and more fashionable as the loading on shoulder is lighter with Special Weave Carbon fabrics.

For Special Weave Carbon Fabrics, please contact us for your design concepts. 

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We can customize Carbon Fiber Fabric that satisfies the needs of customers and applied in various industries. With our professional team, we produce a variety of

Special Weave Carbon Fabric

with high yield rate and affordable price. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.